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"EarSaver sounds great and works great... I really dig it!"
Thomas Dolby - CEO Beatnick, Recording Artist

"Earsaver is one of the best ideas in computer based music. I advise everyone to look into it."
Joel Chadabe - President: The Electronic Music Foundation

"I love it!"
Andy Huffman- CEO Audible Inc.

Unsolicited User Comments:
Love this stuff, absolutely love it!
Fabulous software!!
EarSaver is a terrific alternative to listening to my radio while I work on my computer.
Love your product!
I just purchased EarSaver and I want to say that it worth every single penny I paid!!
Thanks for such a great product!!
I think you have a fantastic product.
Your application has just made it to the coveted Startup Items folder and auto-play!!
EarSaver is a great app!
Thanks for creating this program. It is a visual and aural delight!
I can't believe how cool earsaver is. I fully dig ambient music, and this is just fantastic.
Great Program...... Thanks!
Love this product -- keep making the music!
I listen to earsaver constantly!
This stuff is GREAT! Where do I get more albums?
I Love Earsaver!!
This program is great!
Thanks for EarSaver. I've really enjoyed using it on my Powerbook
I've got crickets in the apartment! Thanks for the great product!
Just received EarSaver. Excellent product!
Your interface for EarSaver is fantastic. Great work!
My ears are now being saved!
I anxiously await more albums &tracks.

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