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Each album includes (9) new tracks with over (3) hours of new Ambionics soundscapes.
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Track Type Key: (M)-Music, (N)-Natural Sounds, (H)-Hybrid of Music and Natural Sounds

Sound Travels album: Click here to order! 

1. Adam's Dream (M) - Thoughts of a happy life in the mind of a sleeping 11 year old boy
2. Forest Floor (N) - Under the trees, listening to the sounds of the surrounding forest
3. On the Harbor (H) - Out on a small boat off the Long Island Sound with soft chords
4. Summer Lakeshore   (N) - Soft, subtle waves by the edge of a summer lake
5. Emerald Core (M) - Calm, semi-random acoustic piano notes washed in reverb
6. City Window (H) - The drone of the city at night from a high rise window
7. Hemispheres (M) - Slowly evolving musical sounds and harmonic progressions
8. Everglades Song (N) - The varied sounds of life in an active marsh
9. Vermont Showers (N) - A fall rain with sporadic thunder

New Visions album: Click here to order! 

1. Above the Sea  (N) - The roar of the New Jersey shore from a high hotel window
2. Ice Crystals  (M) - Crystal like synthetic tones and voices layered and shifting
3. Boulder Evening        (N) - The summer evening song at the base of the Flat Irons
4. Arctic Dusk  (H) - Almost immobile musical glaciers and slow chilled breeze
5. By the Creek  (N) - The sounds of a small creek behind the house
6. David's Night  (M) - The musically fluid thoughts of a 7 year old boy as he falls asleep
7. Contented  (H) - A cat's soft purring sound with matching soft chord progressions
8. Waters Fall  (N) - A springs thaw rushes water downstream
9 .Desert Wind  (H) - A cool dune breeze with subdued musical elements

Musica album: Click here to order! 

     1. Undulations Part 1    (M) - Organic and semi-rhythmic soundscape with a subterranean feel
     2. Undulations Part 2  (M) - A soft soundscape with a dreamlike atmosphere
     3. Undulations Part 3  (M) - A glittery and breathy composition of timbre and chords
     4. Parallels  (M) - Beautiful chord transitions with an evolving undercurrent
     5. Possible Future  (M) - The memories of friends not forgotten
     6. Probabilities  (M) - Music that is both distant yet familiar, warm and contemplative
     7. Aquadrift  (M) - A semi-melodic composition with a quiet, subtle repeating sequence
     8. Skyeyes  (M) - Breathy and slowly morphing with a haunting ambience
     9. Forestall  (M) - A unique and slightly pulsed transitional soundscape

All compositions 1998 Synthetic Productions. All rights reserved