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What is EarSaver?
EarSaver is an ambient soundscape player designed to help reduce stress, enhance concentration and improve productivity for the computer user. EarSaver plays specially composed Ambionics soundscapes, a unique tapestry of natural sounds and ambient musical textures. Playing quietly in the background EarSaver helps you "tune out" the surrounding noises and distractions that can invade your home or office workspace.

How does EarSaver work?
EarSaver uses a proprietary software audio engine that works transparently in the background while you work or surf at your computer. EarSaver provides CD quality stereo sound without affecting other programs or computer performance, uses minimal RAM and does not tie up your CD-ROM drive. EarSaver comes complete with (3) graphic control panels, (2) Albums and (9) Tracks that provide over 4 hours of Ambionics soundscapes!

The EarSaver Consoles
EarSaver comes with three unique graphic control consoles providing complete control over all aspects of EarSaver playback and functionality. Each console includes distinctively styled buttons, sliders and displays to enhance visual appeal and ease of use.  Select from the the various Albums and Tracks, create "Personal Albums" of your favorite tracks or flip on the various Surround or Enhance modes. A special "window-shade" function  minimizes the console up into the drag bar increasing screen space while still allowing for total control of EarSaver.

(The EarSaver Consoles: not to scale)

EarSaver and Ambionics are trademarks of Synthetic Productions 1998